Hraunsnef Country Hotel is a family run hotel and restaurant. We have a working farm, with a few animals chickens, pigs, horses and dogs. We are growing a few vegetables, we get eggs from our free chickens and pork form our happy free pigs.

The hotel is located on the Vest coast of Iceland in the beautiful Borgarbyggd district, with sublime hilltop setting overlooking Bifröst. The hotel is a new two storey building with the reception, restaurants and dining halls on the first floor and rooms on the second floor. Each room has a separate entry and include a luxurious bathroom, Television and soothing bed, covered with Icelandic textiles.




Hraunsnef Sveitahótel
311 Borgarnes

+354 435-0111

The restaurant is open every day
from 17:00 - 21:00

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