Group Menu

  • The group menus can only be booked for everyone in the group.
  • The price is based on that all the food is paid in once payment for the entire group.
  • Final number of guests must be given to us the night before arrival and you must pay for the amount of people you order for
  • If the group does not show up and does not cancel you will have to pay 50% of the price (material costs)
  • If there are vegetarians or people with allergies in the group you need to let us know in advance to avoid any extra costs.
  • It is important to have the time of arrival as exact as possible to ensure the quality of the food. If there is delay please notify us as soon as possible, so we can make all necessary arrangement with the food.


Lunch prices are valid between 12:00 - 15:00


Soup and bread:

(Table service)

Cream soup
Homemade Bread with butter and pesto oil
Coffee, tea and a pice of chocolate

1590,- / 1390,- / 1250,-

Topplaus with soup and salad:

(Table service)

1/2 nan bread topped with pulled beef, bernaise sauce and melted cheese  (vegetarian option available)
Vegetable soup with refill and salad on the side
Coffee, tea and a pice of chocolate

2400,- / 2200,- / 2000,-

Burger or sandwich*:

(Table service)

Hamburger with cheese, hamburgersauce and lettuce served with french fries
Pulled pork sandwich with peppercorn mayo and lettuce served with french fries

Coffee, tea and a pice of chocolate

2500,- / 2300,- / 2100,-

*We need to know at least one hour advance how many will have each course

Chili salmon:

(Table service)

Baked chili salmon served with garlicsauce and sweet potatoes
Coffee, tea and a pice of chocolate

3000,-/ 2800,- /2600,-

Add a desert:

Icecream sundae
warm applecake with cream


*The whole group must have the same desert for this price


Minimum 30 adults in a buffet

Pice 1. 30 - 39 persons / Price 2. 40- 49 persons / Price 3. 50 + persons

Small course buffet:

Chicken wings with garlic sauce and salad
Meatballs with hot chili sauce
Tortilla wraps with ham and cheese
Tortilla chips with creamcheese salsa
Shrimptails with sweet chili sauce
Chicken nuggets with mango sauce
Bread, Pesto and homemade cheese
Crackers, jams and fruits
Coffee, tea and a pice of chocolate

4800,- / 4400,- / 4000,-


Simple grill buffet:

Grilled lamb
Baked potato gratin
Corn and picnic
Cold dressing
Fresh salad with dressing
Coffee, tea and a pice of chocolate

4500,- / 4200,- / 3900,-


Grill Buffet:

Soup with homemade bread
Grilled lamb
Grilled salmon
Grilled chicken in pesto cream sauce
Baked potao gratin
Potato salad
Garlic roasted mushrooms and onions 
Corn and picnic
Fresh salad with dressing
Icecream with warm pippsauce
Coffee, tea and a pice of chocolate

5700,- / 5500,- /5200,-


Dinner buffet:


Salad with deepfried shrimp in sweet chili sauce
Salad with chicken in mango sauce


Chicken legs with picnic
Bayon ham with garlicsauce
Lamb with pesto and creamy mushroom sauce
Potato gratin
Potato salad
garlic roasted mushrooms and onions
Corn and picnic
Fresh salad wit dessing


Skyr cake with berry sauce
Chocolate cake with cream
Coffee, tea and a pice of chocolate

6000,- / 5700,- / 5500,-

Two- and Three course

Price for a group menu is for at least 12 people

Two course dinner:

Chefs choice
Coffee/tea and a pice of chocolate


Two course dinner I:

Vegetable soup with homemade bread
Baked chickenbreast with sweet mashed potatoes and feta cheese
Coffee/tea and a pice of chocolate



Two course dinner II:

Bruchetta with tomatoe, garlic roasted mushrooms and homemade parmaham
Grilled lamb with mushroomsauce and garlic mashed potatoes
Coffee/tea and a pice of chocolate


Two course dinner III:

BBq grilled pork with honeymustard sauce and shredded basil potatoes
Warm apple cake with icecream
Coffee/tea and a pice of chocolate



Three course dinner:

Chefs choice
Coffee/tea and a pice of chocolate


Three course dinner I:

Salad with homemade parma ham and feta cheese
Chili Salmon with sweet potatoes and garlicsauce
Icecream sundae
Coffee/tea and a pice of chocolate



Three course dinner II:

Scampi in pesto on a bed of salad
Grilled lamb with blueberry sauce and mashed truffle potatoes
Red velvet cake with vreamcheese sauce and nutelle cram
Coffee/tea and a pice of chocolate



Three course dinner III:

Langoustine soup with homemade bread
Beef with baked vegetables, peppersauce and mashed sweet potato
Chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and chocolate cream
Coffee/tea and a pice of chocolate


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