Bread    400,- /700,-
with homemade pesto oil

Garlic bread     900,-
with cheese

Vegetable soup 1450,-
with cream and bread

Shell fish soup     2150,-
with cream and bread

Appetizers salad         1500,- 
the freshest of the day

 Scampi                    2200,-
in pesto on a bed of salad

-Good to share-

Spinach dip            1900,-
with artichokes, garlic and cheeses comes with grilled basil-naan bread carrots and cucumbers 

Naan with BBQ pork 2200,-
with pulled pork in BBQ and peppermayo, baked with cheese and comes with salad

Main courses

Fish and chips 2500,-
with salad and honey mustard sauce

Vegan balls       3900,-
with root vegetables, fresh salad and couscous

Citrus salmon    4500,-
with root vegetables and basil potato salad

Hraunsnefs pork   4700,-
smoked and cured pork with mustard sauce, zucchini strips and sweet potatoes

Lamb 4900,-
with blueberry sauce, root vegetables and garlic potatoes

Beef from Hraunsnef 5200,-
with pepper sauce, root vegetables and truffle potatoes

Sandwitches and salads

Pulled pork sandwich 2650,-
Pulled pork salad 2850,-
In bbq with pepper mayo

Beef sandwich 2950,-
Beef salad 3150,-
with red onion, pepper, mushrooms & béarnaise sauce

Chicken sandwich 2750,-
Chicken salad
with mushrooms, tomato, red onion and honey mustard sauce

Vegan sandwich 2550,-
Vegan salad
with pesto and baked vegetables

Sandwiches are served on a homemade bread with fries.

Salads are a mix of the freshest vegetables the kitchen has to offer.


Cheeseburger 100% Beef 2550,-
with cheese, lettuce and hamburger sauce 

Lamburger 100% Lamb 2650,-
Teriyaki lamburger with garlicsauce, pickled red onion and lettuce

Hraunsnefs  100% Beef 2750,-
with cheese, brie, honey mustard sauce, lettuce, tomato and red onion

Béarnaise 100% Beef  2850,-
with fried mushrooms, lettuce, paprika, red onion and béarnaise sauce

Classic 100% Beef 2950,-
BBQ grilled with bacon, cheese, lettuce, paprika, red onion and hamburger sauce

Triple pork 100% Pork 2950,-
BBQ pork burger, bacon and pulled pork with peppermayo, red onion, mushrooms and lettuce

make it double  - 650,-

All burger can be made vegetarian

Kids menu

Rice pudding    900,-
With cinnamon sugar and milk

Chicken nuggets    1000,-
With french fries and ketchup

Fish & chips    1000,-
With ketchup

Burger    1100,-
With hamburgersauce and fries


Ice cream   1200,-
With chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Chocolate mousse    1800,-
With salted caramel sauce and whipped cream

Apple cake    1800,-
With ice cream and whipped cream

Chocolate cake    1800,-
With ice cream and whipped cream

Waffle    1200,-
With ice creame and chocolate sauce or jam and whipped cream

Kids ice cream    600,-
With chocolate sauce and whipped cream 

50% discount of all desserts before 5 pm 

Hraunsnef Sveitahótel
311 Borgarnes

+354 435-0111

The restaurant is open every day
from 12:00 - 21:00

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